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OUB collection


In 2021, designer and artist Olga Fradina proposed to designer Tvoi Studio — Alisa Tiramisova to design a series of sculptures at once. This idea has come through the lack of a local underlying and floor decor for home. “At first I was fascinated by the topic of totems, then the idea was to make them (sculptures) large, but it was decided to start experiments with smaller forms”, Olga tells. There were a lot of sketches with searches for visual images from different topics for the project. “...we discussed the artists of the Paris school. Olya showed her photos from Brancusi's workshop. Then his innovation inspired us.” - Alice remembers. Konstantin Brancusi is one of the founders of abstract sculpture. He was one of the first to invent that a stand for a sculpture can be a full-fledged part of the composition. The result of his experiments with podiums was an endless column.

So, the series O U B has been introduced, up to which there are three items. The sculptures are made of different types of wood: oak, linden, maple, walnut, and poplar. The author's stains, burning, linseed oil, and acrylic varnish were used for covering and toning. Every detail is unique because it is made by hand. Only 12 copies of each sculpture will be produced.

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